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To Serve a Goddess

What I desire is devotion, what I expect is obedience.

Finsubs come from all walks of life and from all around the world. It is the allure of the Divine Feminine. It lies in what a Woman can become when she becomes in tune with what makes her a female, and thus becoming a woman when she accepts this source of grace and power. It is how a woman can be enthralling in all moments of her life, and to watch her and listen to her is to honor her.  Whether or not the men who consider themselves to be alpha and have never tasted the power of this type of release, he is still unable to resist the urge of the attractiveness of her feminine power. Time and time again he is ultimately drawn to her. Finsubs are looking for a unique relationship with a woman who understands this source of power and wishes to relish in the pleasure in relinquishing this control. Finsubs are a special breed of people, usually men, who feel a strong need to find his Goddess to worship, serve, and obey. The most accommodating men who have not served as a FinSub or in another fashion still understand the perfect connection he feels with himself and with the Goddess.

Mistress Calla Gray

BDSM/Fetish Dominas

Serious Mistress


Nite Flirt


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